Cornus controversa

Table Dogwood

A large deciduous tree which can reach up to 14m.  It has distinctive symmetrical flattened horizontal tiered branches.  Numerous creamy white flowers produced in flattened cymes up to 18cm across.  These are followed by blue-black berries and finally it turns to a lovely reddish in autumn.  A beautiful tree as a specimen on a lawn where it can be appreciated from all around.

 Flowers:  Creamy, white flattened cymes up to 18cm across.

Fruit:  Blue-black berries

Bark:  Smooth bark.

Leaves:  Deciduous, ovate leaves distinctly wedge-shaped towards the base around eight pairs of parallel veins.

Autumn colour:  Reddish-orange.

Ultimate height:  14m

Uses:  As a specimen tree on the lawn or as a dominant tree in a garden design where its unique shape can be appreciated.

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